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D. Saurabh Trexim Pvt. Ltd. is a distinguished entity in the realm of Public Health, with its roots tracing back to the year 2010. However, the legacy of its operations extends even further, spanning over eight to nine decades through its precursor sister concerns, which were nurtured by the forefathers of the current founders. Mr. Deepak Agarwal and Mr. Saurabh Agarwal, the visionary leaders behind the company, have demonstrated unwavering dedication, commitment, and perseverance, propelling the organization from its nascent stages to a formidable presence in the industry, marked by numerous achievements and accolades.

Situated in Burrabazar, the bustling commercial heart of Kolkata city, our company enjoys strategic connectivity via road, rail, and air networks, facilitating seamless access to domestic and international markets. The surrounding area is endowed with comprehensive infrastructure facilities, further enhancing our operational efficiency. Over the years, D. SaurabhTrexim Pvt. Ltd. has undergone significant expansion, evolving into a globally recognized entity. Presently, our company boasts cutting-edge facilities and a proficient workforce capable of fulfilling large-scale orders and delivering Mosquito Nets, Mosquito Bed Net, including specialized products like Baby Mosquito Nets, and Fishing Nets within stipulated timelines.

Additionally, we are affiliated with esteemed sister concerns such as D. Saurabh Trexim Pvt. Ltd.., synergizing our collective expertise and resources to meet diverse customer needs effectively. As we continue to innovate and strive for excellence, we remain committed to our core values of quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, driving sustained growth and success in the dynamic landscape of Public Health.

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