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In India, the first and foremost thing is done after a baby is born is to put them under a baby mosquito net when they sleep or play. As their body resistance power is very low it is very important to take care of them so that they are not bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects that may turn to some viral infection or diseases. D.Saurabh Trexim Private Limited as one the prestigious baby mosquito net manufacturer in Kolkata comes up with superior quality baby mosquito net. Be it on bed or floor or outdoor this baby mosquito net is easy to carry and use.

As one the leading baby mosquito net manufacturer in Kolkata, D.Saurabh Trexim Private Limited is very cautious to produce the best quality baby mosquito net. There are 2 patterns of baby mosquito net manufactured. One with a 6 sticks pattern and it looks more like an umbrella and the other one is a 4 stick pattern that looks more of a square tent shape. Baby mosquito net comes in attractive colors in both printed as well as plain fabrics. These baby mosquito nets are foldable and could be carried easily anywhere. Baby mosquito nets are woven and stitched in such a fine way that it is easily visible from inside as well as outside. With a fine stitch there is no way that a mosquito or any other insect could make a way to reach to the baby. Hence, the baby stays free from mosquito bites and sleeps tight.